Interesting photo ideas

In recent days, I have been attacked by some unusual laziness — although I think that a state where I don’t want to do anything at all is familiar to many and most likely the spring is approaching. 

Many people believe that spring symbolizes the beginning of a new life, after it stops in late autumn and winter comes — a period of so-called hibernation. 

Outside the window, birds have long been singing, the day has become noticeably longer, there is practically no trace of snow, and the warming sun and sometimes clear weather mentally prepares us for revitalization, barbecue trips and new photo shoots in the fresh air , which we lacked so much lately time. 

Last year, my wife and I took more than 2.5 thousand photosin high resolution — they are certainly cool, but among them there were not so many shots that could be called professional and now, on the eve of the summer, we decided to correct the situation or at least try as much as possible. 

To this end, I began to search on the Internet for interesting ideas for photos that could be implemented at an opportunity. Of course, most of the photos I found were made using professional equipment, special photo accessories and elegant models, but you can try to do something similar “at home”. 

As they say on the taste and color there are no comrades. Perhaps interesting ideas for a photo, which I chose from the Internet, will seem to someone tasteless or mediocre, nevertheless, I bring to your attention the photos that I would like to repeat, well, or make as close as possible.

24 interesting ideas for photos

Of course, such a photo will now be difficult to take, since there is practically no snow left, however, no one has yet canceled the winter and this photo will be in reserve, and in the end you can just do something similar.

Here is a photograph taken on autumn soil and leaves that just fits the concept of «Dead Nature» which I mentioned at the beginning of the article. It seems to be nothing outstanding, but the posing in the photo is quite interesting.

Photo of a girl in a white dress on a background of a bright, yellow wall with a red balloon in her hand.

And again, an interesting production — a black and white picture , which depicts a child and a cat, which are lying on a wooden floor.

Here, in principle, there is no interesting idea for a photo — just a girl who sits on a lawn and bathes in the sun , but it is so positive that it will be a pleasure to repeat it and not as hard as the others.

And this is a cool idea for a newlyweds photo shoot — who do you think? From the accessories it is enough to find a wedding dress, a suit and 2 pairs of boxing gloves.

An interesting photo in the old style (retro photo).

Elementary, simple and beautiful ! 

Dandelions will appear very soon, and almost anyone can make such a photo.

A beautiful combination is a red rowan, a girl in a red dress, green leaves of trees and a blurred background. In my opinion, this is another, excellent and simple idea for photography while walking.

For a long time, somewhere on the Internet, I saw an interesting photo shoot with other pictures as photo accessories, and you know, it turns out pretty well. I laid out this frame as an example , which came to my hand, and the rest depends on imagination and imagination.

Bright, colorful and contrasting photo .

Many who are interested in unusual photos on the Internet have probably already seen photos with a frame in their hands — at times, some of these images look quite original, so I think it’s worth taking a note.

And here is another interesting idea for a photo . Properly set composition, bright red colors, mountain ash, a pair of wicker baskets, a few leaves, Photoshop and the frame will no doubt turn out to be memorable.

Continuing the theme of autumn, I came across a fairly simple photo of a girl with a bright wreath of maple leaves on her head.

Photo of violinists soaring in the air. No, of course, I’m not going to look for a violin and costume, but I was interested in the very idea of ​​creating a photograph in the air . By the way a little further will be another similar photo.

An interesting idea for a photo in a tube . The complexity of such a picture is only to find a hefty pipe, where an adult can fit in the same way, and then it’s a matter of technology — a thrown back head, slightly raised legs and outstretched arms, symbolizing the continuation of the circle. I think it’s a good idea.

A photograph of a man in a dark room, presumably an underpass. Again, in the implementation of such a photo there is nothing complicated — a brick wall, a little light and shadow.

Another wedding photo , which I saved it on my computer, but not because of the bride, but because of balloons. It seems nothing special, but the very idea of ​​photos with balloons in combination with a little imagination can lead to a rather interesting photo shoot.

Idea for indoor photography . A dark brick wall, a bright dark red sofa, light clothes — everything contrasts so much that the photo will no doubt be successful and memorable.

And this is another simple photograph that can be repeated at home . All that is needed is a white sheet and black linen, and perhaps that is why it is discolored.

And this is a color analogue of the previous idea, but this time instead of a white sheet — a white brick wall.

Well, of course, I left the most interesting for later. This is exactly the same photo that I spoke about somewhere at the beginning of the article — another shot in the air. 

A girl hovering in the air , books are flying all over the place, the light from the open door — all this looks so impressive, and I think I know how to repeat it.

The twenty-third idea for a photo is to take pictures in some ruins or ruins, and this photo as if emphasizes the beauty destroyed by time.

The latter, and probably one of the most positive ideas for photography, is a man and a woman who sit on the road that goes into the distance and hide behind two yellow balloons with the image of a smile (emoticons). 

Naturally, this is far from all the ideas for photographs that I found on the Internet, but even looking at these interesting photos I don’t feel like doing anything, but pick up the camera and click on everything.

I am sure that if everyone tries to find something special in these photographs, and it is possible thanks to borrowing particles of other people’s ideas, it will be possible to do something more original.