Ideas for a photo on the street in the summer: in the city, in nature, in the park!

Summer is one of the most wonderful times of the year, people associate it with the sea, with vacations and vacations, with a bright sun and warmth … And when, if not in the summer season, to arrange photo shoots, especially since the sun warms so alluring on the street, and you can take photos in anything, anywhere. The most interesting thing at the end of the page, life hacks for finding the most successful photos! Today we will discuss postures for a photo shoot on the street (in the city or outdoors), interesting locations and images.

Outdoor photo shoots

Choosing a place is perhaps one of the most important steps in preparing a shoot. What are the advantages of urban photography? It will undoubtedly turn out dynamic! Just think, now and then people go back and forth, cars go, doors open and close. Such a background will definitely provide you with an extraordinary frame. But do not confine yourself to hackneyed places, on the contrary, it’s better to look for new places and camera angles, as originality will be provided to you. And now, a little about a photo shoot in nature. A park near your home or a country forest can also serve as an excellent platform for photos. Just imagine how trees, flowers and incredible summer landscapes will look advantageously in the background.

Ideas for outdoor summer photos, for teens

The best photos are obtained in the sunset light, so wait until the sunset begins and go for a walk in beautiful places, so you get interesting photos that can be added to the intagram and not only. Another winning option would be to take photographs close to the wall with an interesting texture, for example, with graffiti, as in the photo below, or simply with some interesting surface (not just on a simple cypriot photo). Smooth, plain walls in orange and brown are well suited. For a teenager, both for a girl and a boy, joint photo shoots with friends are perfect, so emotions will definitely not be simulated. Most often, concrete jungle is chosen as the location, this will emphasize the endless change of events in the life of a teenager, his character and internal changes. From clothes it is best to choose something bright, but most importantly, it should not hamper movement. On the contrary, the clothes should be comfortable, stylish and must be liked by the model. It is best to wear something attractive, but at the same time familiar. A person should be uninhibited in a photograph, do not hide your emotions! A photoshoot is not an illusion; it should emphasize the character of the model.

Images for photo shoots

Ideally, the photographer and model should come up with an image together. It all depends on the temperament of the person himself, you should not offer a tender and romantic image to a strict girl who prefers a completely different style of clothing, etc. In general, go for it, arrange photo shoots! When, if not in the summer!


If you haven’t found an idea for your soul, or if you have found few ideas, then there is a great life hack. Just go to the intagram by # hashtag or locations with a popular place, for example Paris, New York, Sochi, London, Moscow, etc. and just look at the tape, you will surely find many ideas for the photo shoot. Even taking into account the fact that you have at your disposal and there will be no local attractions, in such places you can see a lot of cool photos on the background of ordinary streets, which are in your city, at least similar)