Top 11 ideas for a rooftop photo shoot, or how to take an unusual shot

Woman on the roof

A photoshoot on the roof is original, bright and unusual! This can be a terrific experience and a pleasant memory, especially for those who like to experiment with different places to shoot. 

1. Ideas for a photo on the roof: portrait

If you are going to make a portfolio, then the portrait on the roof will perfectly complement it. You can put your hands on the railing and look down — so you get a beautiful photo on the background of the panorama of the city.

2. Ideas for a photo on the roof: rear light

From sunrise to sunset, the roof has plenty of light at different angles. This place is great for backlit photography, but you should avoid direct backlight. And don’t set the flash to high intensity, otherwise miss out on the charming effect of natural light.

3. Ideas for a photo on the roof: party

Rooftop party is a great idea! If you are organizing dinner in such an unusual place, then do not miss the opportunity to take some great shots that will show the play of light and shadow.

4. Ideas for a photo on the roof: urban architecture

In urban areas you can find beautiful architecture. From the ground you may not understand how it all looks from above, but from the roof the overview will be completely different!

5. Ideas for a photo on the roof: legs

If your building is comparatively taller than other buildings, then you can get a great photo of soaring legs. Focus on the shoes and photograph your feet against the backdrop of the panorama of the city, but do not forget about safety.

6. Ideas for photos on the roof: the vertical limit

Construction is often associated with great risk. Therefore, if you manage to get permission to shoot the work of builders or window cleaners near you, then you can make some unique shots.

7. Ideas for a photo on the roof: sports

Sports on the roof? Why not! Badminton or cricket — it doesn’t matter if it is on the roof, then the pictures will be much more interesting.

8. Ideas for a photo on the roof: top view

This idea is suitable for tourists and travelers who like to watch the life of the city from above. Such photos can even serve as a documentary archive!

9. Ideas for a photo on the roof: portfolio

Portfolio photography sometimes requires privacy. That’s why the roof is the perfect place to do it! Here, as a rule, there is a lot of natural light, so the photos will turn out great.

10. Ideas for a photo on the roof: close-up

If you are on a roof with a ceramic coating, you can take a few shots at close range to show a repeating rhythmic effect.

11. Ideas for a photo on the roof: night shooting

The roof is the best place for shooting in low light. You can take pictures of people or celestial bodies, and although such a photo shoot already requires experience, but the result can be stunning!

There are many ideas for a photo on the roof, and you can always add something from yourself. The main thing — do not forget about safety, and let your photo shoots on the roof be especially successful!